I never thought I’d survive high school. Between my depression and dropping out due to struggling with substance use, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever amount anything if I made it to adulthood. It gets better. I got help for my addiction and mental health, went back to high school and even graduated top of my class in college. There’s good days and bad days, but it’s so important to intentionally look for the good, even if it’s a lesson learned. Be grateful for the little things, and have hope for tomorrow because after every night comes a new day.

Things will get better :v:

Create art, find a hobby you love, go for walks, listen to and play music, and be open and honest with those you can trust.

I just hope that everyone can stay positive. I know it’s a tough time right now, and even people in some of the best situations are panicking. That’s okay. No matter where you come from, who your parents are, you are valid. It’s okay to be sad. But don’t let that negativity control your life.

I worry that my issues arent nearly as important as everyone else’s and that i’m just being selfish

I’m afraid that I’ll end up hurting myself for the first time in years now that I’m stuck in the house with my overbearing parents for who knows how long

talk to someone you trust

My hope is that every person who finds themselves searching for hope, they find it even in the darkest hour. Hope holds. hope heals, and hope conquers!

I’m worried I’ll be like this forever

just a sketch

I’m worried I’ll never figure out what’s going on in my head

Just cry. Let your tears out.

i feel like giving up

My hope is… that my mom will eventually stop blaming me for everything and see that I am a person with things to work through.

My hope is…that I dont let my depression and anxiety rule my life forever.